The Woodstock Fund for Excellence

To support the unique educational community that is Woodstock School, we look to our worldwide community of alumni, parents and friends for support. With your contribution to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence you enhance the distinctive programs and projects at Woodstock, which cannot be funded by student fee income alone. Donations to the WFE support a variety of initiatives such as:

  • Building and infrastructure developments
  • Ongoing programmes in science, outdoor education, music, drama and other areas of the curriculum
  • Special Activity Week trips, such as the recent soccer team tour of Bhutan
  • Faculty and Staff development
  • Student financial aid.

How to make a donation to the Woodstock School Annual Fund

There are many ways to donate to the Annual Fund. We are able to provide tax-exemptions and receipts for our donors from both the US and India. We are also pleased and equipped to take donations from anywhere in the world using various methods. Click here to make your donation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund (WFE)

How does the Annual Fund affect Woodstock's operating budget?

Each year Woodstock School depends on a combination of fee income and charitable contributions to achieve its educational objectives. This year the goal for contributions to the Annual Fund drive is US $300,000 for capital project improvements such as staff and employee housing, special student projects and professional development opportunities for staff.

Who participates in the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund helps support the ENTIRE Woodstock community; accordingly we seek help from the worldwide community of past and present parents, alumni, friends and staff.

Why is a gift of ANY size important to Woodstock's Annual Fund?

Support of the Annual Fund represents your belief in the continuation of the Woodstock School mission and your dedication to the maintenance of this vision for current and future students. Your gift of any amount demonstrates to our alumni, past/current parents and foundations your continued commitment to the Woodstock community. Small gifts add together to become large ventures.

What is the best reason to support the Annual Fund?

Over the years the annual fund has provided the additional money needed for scholarships for students, professional development opportunities for staff, extra-curricular programs in music, art, drama and sports, updating staff and employee housing and providing a safe supply of electricity, water and building maintenance for over 1000 people who live, study and work on the 280 acre Woodstock campus. This year donations will continue to supply money for all of these ventures as well as funding expanded outdoor education opportunities.

I would like to support the Annual Fund, but I do not have the current amount available that I would like to give.

Consider a monthly gift. A sustaining gift gives you control of your monthly expenses but also demonstrates your fiscal support of Woodstock's current and future mission. The monthly charge on your credit card can be cancelled at anytime on your request.

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