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Woodstock has been engaged for a number of years in a major, continuing programme of rebuilding and renovation, mainly funded by the very generous giving of alumni.

Student residences

In the last six years, we have seen major renovation carried out to three of our six student residences, with others having a facelift pending a more thorough renovation in the future. In 2004, the new Midlands girls' residence was unveiled. Ridgewood middle school boys residence followed in 2005. The "flagship" building, opened in March 2010, is the new senior boys' Hostel. Click here for a report of the opening, and more information about Hostel.

Staff housing

Staff housing continues to be a major focus for capital upgrades. Woodstock School seeks a balance between construction of brand new residences and the preservation and upgrading of the residences with rich histories. This year has seen both of these endeavours. Comfortable staff housing has great impact on retention of staff at Woodstock. Teachers and staff are busy enough with their teaching responsibilities and all of the activities associated with an energetic boarding school like Woodstock; improvement of staff housing helps foster an efficient work environment, especially when staff do not have to contend with mouldy houses, water shortages, and electrical irregularities on their off-hours. Accordingly staff housing is a priority and the focus of much capital improvement over the next 3 years.

In 2007-2008 numerous staff housing projects were completed. The list below demonstrates recent and current building activity on campus.

Completed in 2007-2008

  • Abergeldie Cottage - rebuilt (2 two-bedroom apartments and 2 three-bedroom apartments)
  • Suncliff Annexe - rebuilt (3 condo-type homes for singles or couples)
  • Oakville Terrace - renovation (2 family homes)
  • Oakville Lodge - rebuilt after a fire (2 family homes)
  • Hostel Duplex - rewiring (2 large family homes)

Completed in 2008-2009

  • Abergeldie Main (4 family apartments)
  • Sunnywood Renovation (2 family homes)
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Extension (single / single & child)
  • King's Chamber (2 single staff apartments)

Each new building project for Woodstock includes a houseful of newly made hardwood furniture. The furniture is attractive, strong and easily maintained. This is another example of Woodstock seeking long-term investments for staff housing. All of the new houses are also equipped with fire safety alarms and built in fire extinguishers.

Employee accommodation

As we continue to develop the campus, it is important that we continue to upgrade our campus, we ensure that all of our community share ion the benefits. We have already completed several upgradation projects, and more will be undertaken in the future. Click here to read more about employee housing.

Academic and co-curricular buildings

Woodstock has in recent years benefited from the investment in tyhe Hanifl Centre for Outdoor and Environmental Education. We have also seen a significant investment in a new High School science block. Most recently, our new gymnasium was opened, featuring world-class facilities for sports and fitness. Click here to read about the gym.

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