Travel office

The School travel office provides a variety of services to students, and staff, for official trips including field trip. We also offer a variety of services to visiting alumni and school guests, including booking train and air tickets, booking taxis and buses, and also booking accommodation.

The Going Down and Coming up travel arrangements are all taken care of by the travel office. This involves booking of train tickets, or hiring buses to take children to Delhi, trucks for transporting luggage, purchasing air tickets from our local travel agent in the event that parents have not been able to procure tickets. We work hard to ensure that the students are provided with safe travel and safe accommodation wherever they go.

All bus and taxi companies are recognized by the government authorities and hold a good reputation. The travel office is constantly negotiating with hotels regarding provision of better rates and facilities. If we run into an emergency situation the travel office ensures that the situation is evaluated on a minute to minute basis in consultation with the administration.

The travel office also keeps in close touch with the government officials and other sources in order to be able to get the best and updated information for the safe travel of students, staff and visitors.

Eric Roberts, Travel Officer

Eric Roberts has worked at Woodstock since 1980 in different capacities,and has been in charge of the Travel Office for more than eight years. His wife Monica works in the alumni development office and his daughter Aradhana graduated in 2010.

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