Security & Safety

Functions of Security Dept.

  • Maintain a Safe and Secure campus for all inhabitants - students - staff - employees
  • Safety on paths traversed by students - staff - employees
  • Minimizing security risk, thefts, threat perception and safeguarding the interest of the school
  • Maintain the flora and fauna, and, pest control on campus
  • Routine patrolling, check on all unauthorised movement on campus
  • Supervision of daily deployment and routines
  • Maintaining appropriate records, management of entry and exit access points, movement of material / goods
  • Proper follow through of school policies and procedures
  • Basic on the job training schedule for Security Guards
  • Information gathering and correct reporting to the Administration
  • Liason with all Government and Private agencies

Functions of Fire Marshal

  • Liase with Heads of school to organize periodic drills (Fire drills at school and student residences with proper procedures in place, Evacuation drills, Lock down drill)
  • Doccumetation of quantative loss and damage
  • Maintaining records and log of all emergencies with relevant details
  • Accurate report of information with location and details of emergencies to concerned authorities
  • Maintain and upkeep of all emergency equipment
  • Time to time cutting of Fire breaks on campus / forest
  • After proper authorization by school administration liase with Government authorities / Private agencies for help required for any emergency
  • Audit and assess damage after an emergency, rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged site
  • Review of all emergencies. Control and management deficiencies in procedures

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