Religious life

Woodstock is a Christian school with a long tradition of openness in matters of spiritual life and religious practice. Today, the openness to which we aspire enables our students to reflect on, freely debate, understand and come to their own conclusions about matters of religious belief and spiritual practice, to develop their own moral and ethical values, as well as to leave school with a deep understanding of the beliefs and values of others. It is our belief that, in this way, we can model for our students an experience of life in which individuals from very different backgrounds, traditions and systems of belief can live together in peace, harmony and mutual endeavour, recognising their common humanity, their position of privilege and their responsibility for themselves, for one another and for the world. These attitudes and values are stated clearly in our mission statement and statement of beliefs and values. From this flows an institutional position regarding religious life that is intentionally and positively welcoming, inclusive and supportive of the diversity of belief and practice within the student body, while also recognising a unique position for the Christian faith that is part of our historic and contemporary status as a 'minority institution' within India. Our intention is to maintain the essential Christian character of the school while also living with sincere respect for the diversity that is to be found within our community.

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