Liaison & visas

All students arriving from outside India, Bhutan and Nepal need to obtain visas, and to maintain them up-to-date for all of their travelling. Students need to be registered with the local authorities in Dehradun. The liaison office looks after this, providing advice before arrival, holding passports securely, ensuring that residency permits are obtained and that new visa applications are made in good time.

Thupten Chophel, Liaison Officer

The liaison officer, Mr. Thupten Chophel, maintains good relations with the various governmental bodies, and as a result can often work near-miracles in obtaining the necessary exit and re-entry visas for staff and students who have to make unforeseen trips out out of India. Mr. Chophel is a long-term Woodstock staff member. He fled Tibet as a child, and has lived most of his life in India. He speaks Tibetan, Hindi, Nepali, Sikkimese, Bhutanese, Assamese and, of course, English - a very helpful set of skills for someone in his role.

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