Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

At Woodstock, the ICT team enables the creation of a pervasive culture of effective use of technology. Through the use of technology, ICT helps the Woodstock community connect, communicate, and collaborate with one another.

What we do

The ICT team manages, maintains, and supports:

  • 350+ networked desktop/laptop computers in classrooms, labs, offices, and student residences running Windows and/or Ubuntu
  • Roving laptop lab for in-class use
  • Internet access on 250+ student-owned laptops
  • Data centre featuring 14 servers
  • Email accounts and date folders for staff and students
  • Wireless connectivity through a comprehensive, campus-wide network of wireless access devices
  • High-speed internet bandwith of 24Mps (over two dedicated internet leased lines for built-in redundancy)
  • Printers,copiers and scanners
  • Software applications (Windows, Ubuntu, Microsoft Office, Openoffice, Adobe Creative Suite, Blackbaud Education Edge, NetClassroom, Faculty Access Web, Outlook Web Mail, Moodle, Destiny, GFI WebMonitor, and educational software)
  • School intranet
  • Data projectors and interactive smart boards in classrooms
  • 300+ landline telephones spread across the 300-acre hillside
  • Audio-video equipment and services
  • Direct-to-Home television in school, student residences, and staff homes

Who we are

Woodstock's ICT team members are:

  • Shailender Bhandari, System Administrator
  • Dharmendra Bhandari, Support Coordinator
  • Jeff Rollins, Services Coordinator
  • Brijesh Tyagi, Support Agent
  • Harish Kumar, Support Agent
  • Arvind Singh, Support Agent
  • Suresh Chand, Support Agent

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