Food Services

The Food Services department have an objective to provide Woodstock School with the best dinning services program of any boarding school in India. School Menus are been planned towards the end of the semester and to be implemented the following semester menus are set up in four week cycles.

Keeping the special needs at the forefront of the planning process, the Food Service Action Committee (FSAC) plays a key role in the planning process. The FSAC comprises of the chairperson (usually chosen by the school), two student representatives from the Senior School, staff who represent both the Junior and Senior School, and the residence supervisors. FSAC hold monthly meetings to discuss food and food service related issues.

Meals covered by Food Services are Breakfast, Morning snack, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner, Night snack. This core menu will encompass menu items from the previous semester that were well received by the school community.

The Mars Group of Companies has been heading Woodstock's Food Services since 2005.

Some of the oldest members of the Woodstock family are our "Bearajis" (kitchen employees). The school has several dedicated Bearajis, some of the oldest working here for more than 30 years. At this point, Food Services employ around 13 Bearajis in the department. The Food Service Department has a complete team of 51 members.<

Shaun Fernandes, Food Services manager

Shaun comes to Woodstock with training from the Mars Group of Companies and experience at Mumbai's reputed 'Not Just Jazz By the Bay' café. He has been at Woodstock since 2007, and has had a positive experience in interacting with the students and staff here.

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