About Woodstock School

Our mission

Woodstock School strives for excellence in teaching and learning, offering an exceptional education in a diverse international community. Inspired by our Indian Himalayan environment and our inclusive Christian tradition, we develop visionary, articulate and ethical individuals equipped to achieve their full potential in leadership and in life.

Woodstock School was founded by Christian people in 1854, and for the majority of its history primarily served the needs of missions and families engaged in social service in India. This heritage continues today in the school's commitment to values of excellence, personal responsibility, and service, and in our special calling to continue to educate the children of families in Christian or public service - a purpose to which we devote substantial student financial aid.

Woodstock believes that education transforms lives, and that transformed people can make a difference in their societies and in the world by working for tolerance, understanding, justice, equity and compassion. Living and learning in a diverse community allows us to recognise our common humanity and promotes practical understanding. We believe that Christian ideals, values and faith are a solid foundation for life, and that, among other things, these ideals and values encourage a sense of responsibility for ourselves, for one another, and for the world.

Our values are common to many other educational institutions: the development of moral character, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility; the fulfilment of academic and leadership potential; critical, analytical and independent thinking; well-rounded, balanced and healthy living; appreciation for what is true, good and beautiful in one's own and other cultures. We believe that Woodstock provides a physical, social and spiritual environment in which these values can be more than just words, but can become part of the lives of our students.

Desired learning outcomes

Learning at Woodstock should not be restricted to the students; we are all part of a learning community, and these outcomes should be built into all of our work - teaching, staff development, planning and other activities.

Members of the Woodstock community increasingly take initiative in developing the following skills, attitudes, and values:

In developing a profound sense of self, we:

  1. Act with integrity.
    • Persevere, with conviction and courage as sources of motivation.
    • Acquire wisdom to make ethical decisions.
  2. Possess creativity, curiosity, focus, passion, and a sense of vocation.
  3. Remain open, teachable, humble, with an ability to follow when appropriate.
  4. Pursue physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through these practices:
    • Celebrate achievement and remain resilient through failure.
    • Maintain a reflective lifestyle that includes time for thought, reading or prayer.
    • Manage complexity and practice self-discipline.
  5. Gain an informed understanding of Christian beliefs and practices as we learn to think independently about our own and others' faiths.

In developing healthy interpersonal relationships, we:

  1. Learn collaboratively, working with diverse people in effective teams.
  2. Identify with the hopes, dreams, and struggles of people around us.
  3. Give and receive effective feedback.
  4. Remain flexible and adaptable, able to absorb others' ideas and able to live with ambiguity.
  5. Bring out the best in others by leading with our own positive example.

In equipping ourselves to survive and thrive in the 21st century, we:

  1. Create intellectual capital through lifelong exploratory learning in all areas of human endeavour.
  2. Think critically, actively applying our knowledge and analysing patterns to find solutions.
  3. Practice and master methods of scientific inquiry and research.
  4. Communicate effectively to construct and support sophisticated arguments orally, in writing, and using creative forms of expression.
  5. Utilize technological resources responsibly and with ease.

In developing as citizens, we:

  1. Maintain a sense of personal responsibility for our neighbours' welfare.
  2. Explore and appreciate regional and global cultures, languages, religions, and histories.
  3. Remain comfortable in multiple environments because of our cross-cultural competency.
  4. Possess and act on a strong sense of social justice and empathy with those less and more privileged than ourselves.
  5. Understand and seek to preserve our natural environment as good stewards of the earth for future generations.

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