Community life

A vibrant culture

Most schools would call themselves "communities": for Woodstock, that description is apt and accurate. Administrators, faculty, employees and their families, together with students, live, work and play together on the hillside. Up to a thousand people are housed, cared for, and contribute to Woodstock School.


Woodstock's 60 teaching staff come from India, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK and France. All have relevant certification from their home countries. Their mix of experience and cultures enables Woodstock to develop a truly international teaching approach, and enables students to benefit from a variety of approaches. To read more about Woodstock's faculty, click on the various subjects in the academic section of the website.

Residence staff

The care of our students is largely in the hands of a group of dedicated residence staff (often called "dorm parents"), who work in teams in each of the six school residences. More than just out-of-school supervisors, they work hard to ensure that the students in their care learn personal and life skills, build good relationships with friends, and find creative expressions through sports, games and hobbies. To read more about the residence staff, click on the various hostels in the student life section of the website.

Support staff

The myriad of educational and support services in the school are carried out by around 50 staff, again drawn from India and overseas. Managing travel and visa services, accounting, alumni relations, communications, catering, campus maintenance and security demand expertise and attention. To read more about the work of these departments, click on the the links in the left-hand menu on this page under Services.


The families of many of our employees have served Woodstock for generations. Indeed, two of our specialist ICT staff are the grandchildren of an employee who first came to the school more than 50 years ago. Employees work in maintenance, catering services and security, in cleaning and hospitality services, as office helpers and ICT technicians, in the mail room and in other areas where their support and long familiarity with Woodstock make them invaluable. When alumni visit, it is often the employees who remember them best, and whom they seek out to reminisce.


The majority of Woodstock's 520+ students are in boarding or living with staff ; some live with their staff parents; a few live on the hillside, and they and their non-Woodstock parents form another part of our local community. Around 40% of current students come from various parts of India; another 40% are from other countries in Asia, and 20% are from the US and other countries around the world. Half are from Christian families, while others represent most of the major world faiths. The student body is almost exactly 50% boys, 50% girls.


Although not living on the Woodstock hillside anymore, we must mention our worldwide community of more than 4,000 alumni. Most weeks you will find former students and staff wandering round the hillside and the campus, revisiting and recollecting. Woodstock alumni maintain contact with each other and with the school down the years - we still receive news from some of those who graduated in the 1930s - and they are active in supporting the school through board membership, by spending time here on the staff and through their generous financial gifts.

Read more about Woodstock's alumni community in the alumni section of the website.

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