Woodstock School is blessed with a Himalayan setting, and one of the ways for students to improve their fitness level as well as enjoy the spirit of competition is through cross-country races on the hillside.

Early into the Fall semester, the Landour ridge above the school, encircling Lal Tibba, Char Dukan, and Sister's Bazaar, becomes engulfed inside a sea of blue, green, and red, as the inter-house races are held for the entire school. Students from the three houses of Condors, Eagles, and Merlins gather wearing their house colours at the Kellogg's Church to race or support their peers.

The cross-country routes encompass the circular road from Kellogg's - Char Dukan - Lal Tibba - Hawa Ghar and back, and then the smaller circle from Kellogg's - Sister's Bazaar and back. From the ECP kids all the way to the Grade 11 and 12 students, and even some of the staff, everyone runs and screams their way through an exciting day.

The top performers of the inter-house races are chosen to represent Woodstock in the inter-school cross-country event. Hosted by Woodstock in the Landour ridge, a throng of young speedsters including the best male and female runners from schools such as Wynberg-Allen, St. Georges, and others join Woodstock to compete in the races.

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