Senior School boys, grades 7-9

Ridgewood houses boys of Grades 7 & 8, approximately 87 in all. This residence is located below the school, along with the Grades 7 - 9 girls' residence and flanked by the older high school boys' residence on one end and the older high school Girls' residence on the other. Ridgewood underwent a major refurbishment during 2004/2005 and now has nicely furnished rooms and inviting common areas for boys, and four attached apartments for residence staff. Its internal space is divided into three units, two of which accommodate about 53 boys from Grade 7 and Grade 8; the other unit comprises about 34 Grade 9 boys. The building has five lounges, with a satellite television, a DVD player, a books corner and a small kitchen attached to each of the lounges.

There are three computers in each unit, placed in convenient locations for students to use. Each unit has its own food cupboard, medicine cabinet, a tuck room and a laundry room too equipped with a washer and a dryer for students' use. Laundry facility is provided by an external professional agency and all students are encouraged to make use of this facility for most of their washing and ironing needs.

Ridgewood has an outdoor basketball court and an area where students can play cricket or soccer and roller blade. There is a table tennis room in the basement of Ridgewood, which is a popular hangout. The outdoor area buzzes with laughter and activity after school and on weekends as students from Ridgewood, Alter Ridge, Midlands and Hostel all converge to have meals, socialize and play sports and participate in fairs and festivals. The students' time is quite structured during the week while weekends tend to be more relaxed with more opportunities for leisure activities.

The residence has 5 full-time residence staff and a supervisor living in the apartments attached to dorms who are committed to providing constant support, counselling, encouragement, and academic help. Together, the staff create an atmosphere of friendship, trust and dependability.

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Ridgewood dorm parents

Nearly all residence staff members are professionals who have had experience working with children as teachers and counselors at various levels and in different settings. In Woodstock Residences, they coordinate students' extracurricular and weekend activities to complement and enhance the academic program. Usually, the ratio of 1 staff member to 22-25 students is maintained.

Andrew Das - Dorm Supervisor

I was born and brought up in Simla, Himachal Pradesh, in a Christian home. After completing my Bachelors in English from St. Stephen's College Delhi, I went on to do my Masters in English and Bachelors in Education. After over twelve years of teaching experience in the CBSE curriculum of the Indian education system, I joined Woodstock in July 1999 as a dorm parent at Clifton Hostel, working with the high school boys. I was appointed Supervisor in July 2005. I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy working in a residential facility and very seldom miss my teaching days. Watching the boys grow into capable and talented young men with tremendous potential has been most fulfilling and to have made an impact in the lives of these students has been especially gratifying and a blessing for me. Being able to share my own interests and hobbies with the students has been a stepping stone to developing lasting relationships with some of them, with whom I am still able to keep in touch through Facebook or email. Apart from cooking, watching sports on T.V. listening to music and playing the drums and bass, I enjoy playing cricket and badminton and have had the privilege of coaching the WS senior boys cricket and badminton teams.

Taeyeong Jun- Dorm Parent

Taeyeong studied German literature and language at Pusan National University in Korea and worked with Inter-Varsity Fellowship for 10 years as a staff worker. He also completed his Bachelors and Masterís degree in Divinity at Queen University Belfast in UK. He and his wife Mijung joined Woodstock in 2008. Both are Koreans, which adds a new dimension to the residence staff and students in understanding Korean culture, and are equally able to assist the Korean students in adjusting to Woodstock. His interests out side work include computers and fishing.

Udit Bansal - Dorm Parent

Udit's first contact with Woodstock school came in 2005 when his father joined Woodstock as an Estate Manager. He is a graduate in English from Delhi University and a Post Graduate in Management. Although only working at Woodstock since 2009, Udit has found it to be a happy mix of challenges, adventure and enjoyment with the children. Outside of work Udit enjoys squash, badminton and swimming

Sondeep Peters- Dorm Parent

Brian Hazlet - Dorm Parent

Brian recently moved to Woodstock with his wife Tina. He is working in the Ridgewood boys' dorm with 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. He graduated from Asbury University with a BA in Financial Math and an emphasis in International Economics. Brian is very accustomed to life as an international scholar. He grew up in Asia, attending an international school similar to Woodstock for 7 years. Having this background really helps him relate to the students and build relationships with them. Brian's hobbies include playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, and hiking around the mountains. Brian is very excited to support and mentor these boys over the next couple years.

What students say

When we asked the students to write about Middle School dorms, they wrote a lot! Rather than cut it down, here it is in their own words.

It is much better than school. In school we have to work, work, work, but in dorms we actually get time to relax in our preferred ways. We read, chat, play, listen to music, watch movies, go to bazaar together and do many other fun things.

Apurva Adit

Residence life is fun. We play and talk with our friends. We have interesting activities going on here. Our dorm parents take care of us and help us if we have any problems.

Shaurya Dhingra

In Woodstock residences, we get the pleasure of living with a mix of students coming from various cultures. Staying at residences brings daily challenges when we learn how to behave and learn from our mistakes. There is competition always around us which keeps us under pressure. The time we get to spend with friends is really valuable. As we sleep, eat, play, and study together we become a family step by step. Our dorm parent is always there to care for us and love us. Dorm parents are like tutors in our short stay in Woodstock School. There are times when we fight but we all know that united we stand, divided we fall. The unique features available in Woodstock residences can't be compared with other schools. The good thing is there's always a solution around us when we're in trouble. Even if it's a short time staying at Woodstock it will be a valuable experience that everyone will remember. I think residence life shows the real personalities. We are always ready to take a step ahead and try to improve. Our success in academics also depend on how we take residence life and how happy we are here. I've realized the value of using study hall effectively. It helps me capture the idea of the topic. All the things available here is a blessing and I am really happy I'm having this opportunity. We all respect each other's perspectives and it will continue to do so as long as we study here. Our feelings are shared as we get used to life without parents but surrounded by the love of friends and dorm parents.

David Sung Min

In boarding you miss living with your parents but dorm life is about living with your friends. Everyone tends to make friends easily and enjoy the daily activities the residence curriculum offers. If you ever feel lonely, sad, or even sick you always got a dorm parent to look after you and give you support and help. You have great fun even if you have some bad days its still worth staying here in Woodstock, at dorms.

Nathaniel Park

It is my second semester here, in Woodstock School and frankly, it has been nice since I joined this school. Firstly I was really sad because I was living far from my parents, but then tried my best to adjust myself. Living here is not like living in a hostel but like living in our own house. We can do all that we like, like cooking, play computer games, read books and have a warm and happy dorm life. Moreover, we have a qualified and compassionate set of teachers/dorm parents and loving and friendly peers.

One of my most favorite things is that, we can socialize with people from different background and interests. There is nothing like hierarchy of girls and boys, violence or theft or things which are inappropriate. We stay like a family. In other places, I have seen dorm parents beating students, but, believe me, this is not a place for people like that. We, me and other students, believe in peace and work, not pain and work.

One other good thing is that we can talk to our parents everyday. Sometimes when students don't talk to their parents they get depressed and it's quite difficult to study when you are depressed. But, here in WS MS residences you are allowed to talk to your parents thus we are always happy and motivated towards out work.

Another thing, I like about this place, is that, there is no one to bully you or disturb you when you are studying or doing some work. Yes, there are situations when your peers engage in fun with you, but it is safe and harmless fun. The students come from good family backgrounds and understand responsibilities and are self motivated.

We can do whatever we want here, but we have to live within rules with discipline. And that is why I like the way they work in the residences. It is a place to experience life and learn the way how to live in this world.

Nishant Aggarwal

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