Senior School girls, grades 10-12

Midlands is one of the oldest buildings of Woodstock School. Sitting on the crest of a hill, this 170-year-old landmark has recently been transformed into very modern and luxuriously furnished accommodation for 132 girls from grades 9-12 and six staff apartments, in addition to the staff accommodation at Midlands Cottage which stands adjacent to the main residence hall. Midlands is divided into three distinct houses of 35-45 girls each, each section of which holds a newly-remodeled shower facility, a kitchen area where students may cook for themselves on weekends, and two computer labs which offer a spectacular view of the hillside. The 3-story atrium on the site of the building's old dining area is breathtaking - open, light, warm, and colourful. The Midlands recreation hall and basketball court give the students an ideal space for social activities at dorm level. Favourite spaces throughout the building are the three solariums, which stay warm and bright even in winter.

The residence has three lounges with TVs and DVD players, and space outside where girls can wander, read, sit in the sun or under the stars around a camp fire. Nearly every weekend features a High School-wide social event, organized by the Social Activities Committee, which take place at Clifton Hostel or at Midlands. These weekend get-togethers include activities such as coffee bars, open mics, movie nights, and dances - all creating evenings much-relished down time after a busy week.

Although the residence staff have a parental role and offer advice, guidance and friendship to the girls, the residence is also run effectively by the Dorm Council, which comprises three girls from each grade along with two Dorm Presidents. The Council plans and makes decisions for the residence, running events such as Open House, and having input in the resolution of any problems that may arise. The residence is also divided into pods. Each pod has around ten girls, who look out for each other and have regular social events together. They choose and organize their own events, which can be anything from a movie night to getting a staff member to take them down to the bazaar at night to eat and shop.

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Midlands dorm parents

Rachna Peters- Dorm Supervisor

Rachna Peter has been working in the middle school residences for the past 12 years. Before coming to Woodstock she was a teacher by profession and is a trained kindergarten teacher. Rachna is from India and before coming to Woodstock taught Social Studies. Her involvement with the middle school has involved a lot of parenting; she enjoys having the students over to her partment, baking with them, teaching them life skills and most of all listening to them and being there physically and emotionally for them. Rachna believes that learning begins at home. There is so much that we can provide to our students within the residences. Our multi-age residence is a rich environment. It is rich in activity, socialization, and diversity. The talk in the residence is energetic. Ideas ripple through the rooms. For Rachna, caring happens naturally, andsheI believe that caring in a multi-age setting is the happiest way to learn. She strives to encourage learning whenever and wherever she can.

Jerusha Missal- Dorm Parent

I am a Christian and belong to Delhi. My mother was a teacher in Queen Mary's School and my sister and I studied there. My father was the Principal of a Christian School as well as the Presbyter in charge. I also have an elder brother. I did my nurses training from St. Stephen's Hospital, Delhi and then worked there for 3 yrs. I have worked for one year in a school with my husband in rural Nepal which was run by missionaries. I also worked in Sherwood College, Nainital for 8yrs. Now I am working here in Woodstock School as a Residence Staff in the senior girl's dorms and have completed 3yrs. My son also studies here.

Sara Khan- Dorm Parent

Although my family hails originally from Lucknow, Mussoorie has always been a second home to me. My position in Woodstock, as a Dorm Parent, gives me an opportunity to interact with students, understand their psychology, and help them deal with life on a day to day basis. I enjoy laughing, making new friends, dancing, music, cooking, and am always on the lookout for new adventures in life. The only thing constant about me is change, and the fact that I am always high on life.

Maya Dutt- Dorm Parent

I first came to Woodstock in 1984, and spent 7 years here, graduating in 1992. Those were some of the most important and formative years of my life. During and since that time, I have learnt what it is like to have to deal with and manage people from different backgrounds, the importance of integrity in all that one does, and the value of service. Before joining Woodstock last semester I worked as an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) instructor to equip immigration applicants, typically from North India, with 60-90-day accelerated courses in basic English in order for them to qualify for immigration to Commonwealth countries. I also worked with a team of instructors to equip students to qualify for front office hospitality management jobs. My area of focus was spoken English and personality development. I have always wanted to come back and be a part of this wonderful community, and am happy being a dorm parent and being able to bond with the students.

Geeta Mukerjee- Dorm Parent

I have been taking care of High School Girls in Midlands for the last four years. I did my B.A.(Hons.) in Political Science from Delhi University and B.Ed from Kanpur University. I belong to Lucknow and before coming to Woodstock I had been teaching in various schools in India for 20 years. I love to be in the company of young students and my other passion is traveling. I love to organize exciting excursions for my girls and enjoy being with them on these trips.

Ronita Daniel- Dorm Parent

I started my career with the British Council, New Delhi, and worked there for a total of 10 years in various departments. My work introduced me to people of all age groups and from all walks of life, especially students and young professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with young scholars and continue to do so in my present role as a dorm parent at Woodstock. My decade long training in a service organization, along with a hugely rewarding relationship with the students currently in my care, remains my greatest strength and motivation.

Sabrina Kutcher-Dorm Parent

I am originally from Canada, but I have lived in India for two years and I now consider India my home. Previously I worked as a councillor and full-time care giver in Mumbai with woman and children who were rescued from trafficking and children infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. My background is in social work. I earned my Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. This year I am working with Grade 10 girls at Midlands and I am excited about building relationships with them and watching them grow. Also I love the outdoors, it is in my blood to camp and hike. I feel especially blessed to live in Mussoorie where there are many opportunities here to enjoy nature and the outdoors with our girls. I look forward to the challemges and rewards that this year will bring.

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