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A ten-minute walk above the academic area with a spectacular view of the Doon Valley, Edgehill Dorm is comfortably situated in the Landour hills of Mussoorie. It is currently home to 43 boys and girls from grades 3 to 6. Both the location and the ambience of the dorm is more like a large family home rather than a dormitory in a residential school.

There is a large fenced playing area at the side of Edgehill and the space in front of the building has paved red sandstones. In the fenced area, the children like to play cricket, basketball, four squares, and soccer.  They also use this area for playing netball, volleyball and the tag game Octopus as well as for rollerblading and roller skating. The sandstone area is used to play badminton and hopscotch.  During the dry months the sandstones are also used for chalk painting.  When it is warm and sunny, this area and the comfortable veranda are a place for outdoor lunches during the relaxing weekends.  An additional play area includes a slide, bridge, and swing structure, a merry-go-round, a wider tiled slide area, monkey bars and a rocket-shaped climbing structure.  These allow the children to explore their abilities and strengthen their limbs in safety.

The youngest children are assisted in personal care by a dorm ayah and bearer, but children soon become quite capable of making their own beds and looking after their belongings. The loving Dorm Parents oversee and provide for all the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and the living arrangements for the youngest members of the school community.  Edgehill is the only mixed dorm at Woodstock School (with separate rooms for boys and girls) and it is a lively and wonderful place.

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Edgehill dorm parents

Pravin Jelaji – Dorm Supervisor, Edgehill and Community Centre

Pravin is from New Delhi and has been working at Edgehill since July 2001.  He has first-hand experience as a boarding student; he spent his elementary school years in a residential school in Mussoorie.  Some of the professional skills he has acquired over the years in the U.S. and in India come from participating in intensive certificate courses in Understanding Third Culture Kids, Life Skills Simulation, Boarding Principles and Conflict Resolution. He also had the opportunity to pick up necessary professional skills at Dr. Mel Levine’s intensive workshop at the American Embassy School, New Delhi.  Additionally, he coaches the sub-junior basketball and soccer teams, so that students can participate in inter-school matches.  His keen interest in getting students trained in necessary life and sports skills, organization and time management, combined with his adventuresome and fun-loving nature, has contributed to many students graduating into successful professional lives.  His daughter, Sheena, is currently studying in 9th grade at Woodstock School.

Shaheena Jelaji- Dorm Parent

Shaheena is also from New Delhi and provides very valuable support for her husband, Pravin.  A graduate from Delhi University, she joined Edgehill as a dorm parent in July 1999.  She is one of the longest serving Residence Staff Members at Woodstock School.  She too has acquired professional skills both in the U.S. and in India.  Her years of experience of interacting with and looking after the boarding needs of elementary school students are a valuable asset to Edgehill Dorm.  She is plays an important role as a stable and experienced Dorm Parent and fulfills an important role in the lives of these young students.

Tsering Malik-Dorm Parent

Tsering has been at Edgehill since June 2008. She is a qualified nurse, and previously worked at Woodstock's Health Center for 12 years. In this, she brings to Edgehill an additional, valuable asset. She has a gift and passion for working with younger children and so provides them with a loving, nurturing environment. Tsering comes from a multicultural background. She grew up in India but in an American home. Her travels have taken her to various countries across the world. These experiences enable her to understand and respect cultures. Added to this, she is multi-linguistic and is fluent in Hindi, English, and Tibetan. Among other qualities, she has an eye and talent for fine arts and crafts, which she enjoys sharing with the children. Tsering and her husband are local residents of Mussoorie and their two daughters attended Woodstock. Tanya graduated in 2006, and Tina is currently a senior.

Shivani Singh- Dorm Parent

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