Alter Ridge

Senior School girls, grades 7 - 9

Alter Ridge is the girls' residence for Grades 7-9. It was built in 1983 and located alongside Ridgewood. A four-storied, round building, this residence is a distinctive landmark on the Woodstock campus. Girls live on its three floors and love the cozy and homely feeling its circular shape brings. Alter Ridge has a connecting internal staircase between the three floors through which interaction across the floors is encouraged. Each floor has its own TV lounge with satellite connection and DVD player, a tuck room and food cupboard, a medicine cabinet, a quiet reading area, a laundry room equipped with a washer and dryer and a small self -sufficient kitchen. There are 3 apartments for residence staff, one on each floor, and this feature provides a feeling of safety and security to the girls.

The central kitchen and dining hall is located on the ground floor of Alter Ridge and caters to the High School and Middle School boarders, serving breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all three meals and tea on weekends.

The residence block has an outdoor basketball court and an area where students can play cricket or soccer and roller blade. There is a table tennis room in the basement of Ridgewood, which is a popular hangout. The outdoor area buzzes with laughter and activity after school and on weekends as students from Ridgewood, Alter Ridge, Midlands and Hostel all converge to have meals, socialize and play sports and participate in fairs and festivals. The students' time is quite structured during the week while weekends tend to be more relaxed with more opportunities for leisure activities.

The residences have 10 full-time residence staff living in the apartments attached to dorms who are committed to providing constant support, counselling, encouragement, and academic help. Together, the staff create an atmosphere of friendship, trust and dependability.

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Alter Ridge dorm parents

Nearly all residence staff members are professionals who have had experience working with children as teachers and counselors at various levels and in different settings. In Woodstock Residences, they coordinate students' extracurricular and weekend activities to complement and enhance the academic program. Usually, the ratio of 1 staff member to 22-25 students is maintained.

Vijeta Emmanuel - Dorm Supervisor

Vijeta joined Woodstock in January 2001. She has a BA from Indira Gandhi National Open University She started working with Elementary girls but has been with Middle school girls ever since 2002. She is from Dehradun and lives with her husband Rufus Emmanuel (Maths teacher) and her two children. Her interests lie in crocheting, knitting and glass painting. She enjoys doing devotions and celebrates her girls' birthdays with great enthusiasm. Over the semester she cooks for her girls as well as taking them out for recreational activities.


Prarthana Dickson - Dorm Parent

Prarthana joined Alter Ridge Grades 7 and 8 this year, but boarding school is not new to her; she spent five years at Hebron, a boarding school in the south of India. Prarthana has a degree in Mathematics from Jesus and Mary College in New Delhi. She enjoys the whole Alter Ridge experience, interacting with the girls and getting to know them. Her hobbies include craft work, baking, cross stitch, reading, listening to music and occasionally even dancing!

Karen Tamenin '69 - Dorm Parent

Karen Tamminen was born in Mussoorie and attended Woodstock graduating in 1969. She got a degree in English literature and secondary education from Wheaton College,Illinois, USA. She has lived most of her adult life in Finland because she married a Finn, and raised five children in a bilingual home. She taught ESL at Woodstock from 2002 to 2008. She is happy to be back at Woodstock working in residences at Alter Ridge. She enjoys baking for and with the girls, has a Tuesday Sewing Club in the attic and helps with knitting. She makes a point of attending student recitals and helps organize CARE (Community Serivce and Restoration of the Environment) activities. She also hopes to inspire a greater interest in hiking.

Christina Hazlett - Dorm Parent

Christina Hazlett is a dorm parent with the Alter Ridge 7th, 8th, and 9th graders this year. This is her first year here at Woodstock, and in India. She has a BA in kinesiology from Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. She started working with children at a young age, as a nanny for some family friends. Then she began coaching middle school and high school volleyball. She is very passionate about being able to guide and mentor young women, so they may become responsible and respectful adults. She enjoys working with the girls in Alter Ridge, and is excited for all the upcoming adventures. Christina is also eager to share some of her hobbies with the Alter Ridge ladies, such as; playing volleyball, and frisbee, along with various other games, and even taking recreational hiking trips.

Yaman Shankardas - Dorm Parent

Mrs Yaman his a dorm parent for 9th graders. She has a post graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and is a qualified counsellor. Her experience and expertise lie primarily in the area of mentoring, coaching, counselling and training. She has been available as a counselor for teenagers and young adults at local church and camps for over 15 years and enjoys observing & interacting with young people. She enjoys music, craft work and organizing theme based events/parties. Being relational by nature she values people as individuals and seeks to encourage and motivate them to make responsible choices. Nurturing comes very naturally to her, being a mother of two children. She also values honesty and integrity.

What students say

Alter Ridge has always comforted me since I came. Alter-Ridge was the one who always said "Hello" when we were back from school. I've gotten to know more about 8th graders in dorms, plus I became friendlier with them. When I first came to Woodstock, I was not very confident at staying in the dorms, but after staying in dorms for one week I started adjusting to dorm life.

Slowly I started to like Woodstock school. Now that I am in seventh grade I have the privilege to choose my own room-mates. I am happy that I can stay in my room with the people I want to stay with. I love my room-mates and friends, and Alter-Ridge.

YounJung Na

Alter Ridge is a nice place, a place that is always so welcoming. Alter Ridge is like another home. Where ever you go, you always see smile. It's fun being around friend who will be there for you when you're down. This is a great opportunity in Middle School dorms.

Nutcha Panaspraipong

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