Student leadership

Students are given many opportunities to serve as leaders at Woodstock. They can be peer counselors and mediate for a group of students, welcome new students to residence life or plan and delegate activities for their group. At the moment there are over fifty students who are in leadership positions in student government, residence councils, National Honor Society, CARE (Community Service and Restoration of the Environment), the Social Activities Committee, Menu Committee, Stage Crew, Computer Crew and Audio-Visual Crew (AV) in High School and Middle School. Most leadership positions change each semester so that as many students as possible get a chance to learn how to be a leader. In order to get the training and skills needed to do a good job, elected leaders attend a weekend-long retreat in leadership training at the beginning of the semester.

STUCO (Student Council) in the High School is the co-ordinating body for many of these activities. STUCO co-presidents (male and female) are elected each year. The co-presidents, among other duties, attend the twice-yearly Board meetings as non-voting members, where they have an opportunity to be consulted about issues affecting students and to bring issues directly to the Board of Directors.

What Students Say

"I feel that being involved in student leadership at Woodstock helps you to face the conflicts you may face in the future and teaches you how to deal with them."

"As a student leader I feel that I have learnt to be organized and decisive. I have developed an ability to express ideas in a positive light so as to get what I want done."

"Student leadership is a key factor in personality development; you learn about leadership, peer counseling, and the true meaning of the word "listen."

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