Outdoor Education


Midlands Stream, Flag Hill, Bear Hill, Top Tibba, Nag Tibba, Deolsari, Dodital, Jumnotri. These locations and many others- some an hours walk, and others a day's drive have played a defining role in Woodstock's hiking tradition for over a century. Today, through the Hanifl Centre, new generations of explorers are discovering the diversity of the Himalayan foothills. Students right from the youngest to the oldest are encouraged to participate in activities that promote physical fitness, mental toughness, self-reliance, basic outdoor survival skills, and hands- on understanding of the spectacular mountain environment in which the school is located. Staff and students receive assistance with planning and equipping their expeditions. Staff at the Centre implement a point system and awards program for hiking. The Centre staff also organizes an annual Activity Week, with hiking opportunities at different levels.


Woodstock is known for its long-standing relationship with the Garhwal community, as much a part of the school's heritage as the hills themselves- with students and staff even participating in hands- on earthquake relief work when the need has arisen. The Hanifl Centre seeks to build on this proud tradition and play an important role in channeling the school's in- house expertise and resources to assist with capacity building within the state education system. Helping to coordinate the school's existing community outreach programs, inviting students from schools in surrounding areas to utilize the learning resources created in the process, sharing materials developed at the Centre through mobile exhibits with schools from surrounding areas- this could take many forms. Schools, alumni groups, clubs and other special interest institutions within India and from around the world are invited to participate in new and developing programs that seek to celebrate the wonder that is the Himalaya, while gaining insights into the damage caused by modern development paradigms on the fragile mountain environemt, and developing the knowledge, skills, and the sense of responsibility and urgency necessary to make a difference- to live our lives responsibly and do our bit to save the earth.

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