Big Brother-Big Sister Days

Many people comment on the family atmosphere between students of different ages at Woodstock. That is fostered by our long-standing tradition of "Big Brother, Big Sister Day", when students from High School sign up to spend time with one of our Elementary School students. The National Honor Society set the theme and organise the activities, which always include snacks!

Sanjana (Grade 10) said: "I enjoyed the whole evening because it was so easy to interact and connect with my little sister. I really don't know how good a big sister I was, because judging by height, Vanalika was taller than me. I guess that helped break the ice between us since there was never a time in the evening that I felt uncomfortable. So I guess my favourite part of the event was the fact that I had look up at my little sister!"

Vanalika (Grade 5) said: "My favourite thing about Big Brother/Big Sister Day was that we got good food and played good games. I had such a great sister she was kind and really nice. I liked the tea snack and the Twister game was really fun to watch."

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