Activity Week

"Never let your schooling stand in the way of your education." - Mark Twain

Activity Week is exploring frescos in a thirteenth-century Jain cave, roping up to cross a glacier, rafting the white waters of the upper Ganges, helping village kids prepare for their school's first ever sports meet. Activity week is cycling through the Doon Valley, playing with blind children, teaching in a slum school in Delhi, helping the cook at a dhaba make chappatis, exploring Mussoorie.

Activity Week is not sitting in a classroom, taking notes or studying for tests, but it is one of the best learning experiences Woodstock students have. Every Fall, for one week, teachers and students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 head off-campus to explore India, as nearby as Mussoorie, as far away as Varanasi and Dharamsala.

Students vary their activity weeks; over time they participate in hikes, cultural, service and environmental activities. By Grade 12 they're ready to organize their own activity. Woodstock's Activity Week is the stuff of which life is made - learning, discovery, friendship, challenge, service, responsibility, adventure.

What Students Say

"On that early October morning, three Jeeps full of students, hiking gear, our expectations and fears made the beautiful drive deep into the mountains to the potato filled village of Hanuman Chatti. We were all pretty unsure of what to expect, of what the Himalayas had in store for us, but we were excited nonetheless. We slept comfortably that night, not realizing how good we had it, for soon enough the cold, snow, thin air and sore muscles would greet us in the morning. We hiked through some amazing country in our days on the trail, small villages, highland pastures, cool mountain streams and lakes, snowy peaks, steep cliffs, and gujjar settlements. Most of us reached the highest elevation we'd ever been, and for some it was the first time in the snow! We overcame aching bodies, burning lungs, and faulty equipment to have a truly memorable experience."

"How could Mr. Nagarwalla do this to us? First, he made us go on a trip that I was ready to hate. And then he made me leave a village that I love."

"We were just looking outside the window of our bus to see whether we had reached Chilla or not. Suddenly, I saw something I had never seen before.It had a light brown body with spots on it. Some of them also had huge antlers. "What are those animals?" I asked Mr. Jelaji. He said that they were cheetals. My heart felt like it was jumping! For the first time in my life I saw a cheetal!"

Activity Week photo gallery

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