Pilgrims' Progress

As travel options increase and the time and expense to reach Mussoorie decrease, more and more Woodstock alumni are making pilgrimages to visit their old home and school in the hills.

Since January 2006, the alumni guest book in the Development Office has listed 105 visiting alumni-almost one visiting alumna/us every two days! Many other visitors are hosted by the Alumni/Development Office, but 83 who pre-planned their visits were given special alumni treatment-a tour of the school, the opportunity to meet familiar staff and alumni on staff, a meal in the faculty cafeteria, and the opportunity to attend any school events in progress during their visit. If you are planning a visit to Woodstock, please contact the alumni office in advance. We would love to make plans for your visit and assist with arranging accommodation and travel in the vicinity.

Here is a list by decade of alumni and their guests, former staff, and alumni relatives who have signed our guest book this year. If you visited without signing the book, we regret that your name is not included:

'40s: Kip & Helen (McGavran) Corneli, '42; Stanley Subhan, '47 (& son Michael); Kavi Singh, '47; Robin Parker, '48 & Abby Statlander '48,; Paul von Tucher, '49; Bill & Norma Parson, '49.

'50s: Chris Appleby, '51; Syed Zaidi, '58.

'60s: Lee Rice, '60; Gabriel von Radloff, '61; Sue Hanifl, '62 (& Doug Pratt, Scholar in Residence); Bill Virgin, '64; Lee Edlefsen, '64; John Alter, '65; Dan Beckdahl, '67; Mark Wagner, '67.

'70s: Jay Smith, '71; Saroj Ladia Mitra, '72; Shalini Prakash Agarwal, '72; Bonnie (Smith) Lutz, '73; Jeff Campbell, '73; Satvinder Singh, '74; Sue Krampitz, '76; Dean Johns Bernard, '76; Reena (Trikha) Sahani, '78; Andrew Turco, '78; Susan Downs, '78; Sujata Laroia Archer, '79.

'80s: Ginny Uppal, '80; Deepu Mudholka Patel, '81; Matt Mann, '82; Miluschka Kok, '82; Chand Mehra, '83; Salil Kumar Ali, '83; Madhu Malhan, '83; Nathan Scott, '84; Jigme Shingsar, '84; Carl '84 & Dorothy Swain (children, Ryan, Neal & Joshua); Murchanana Mohapatra, '86; Seema Singh, '86; Alan Fiol, '87 (and party of 12); Sindhu Venkatanarayanan, '87; Yuka Makino, '88; Ruth Sale, '89 (and friend); Anna Ghosh, '89 (and friend).

'90s: Sonia Virik, '92; Ashish Sethi, '92; Rajan Sukhanandan, '92; Shona Dalal, '93; Vimala (Aldis) Crispin, '94; Surajit Sen, '95; Aditya Anand, '95; Harbir Singh, '95; Isaac Hishey, '95; Mahjabeen Hasan, '95; Priya Kapoor, '97; Grace Kallimel, '98.

'00s: Keduovinuo Keditsu, '00; Vidur Kapur, '00; Jamie Wetherby, '00; Han Na Jeon, '01; Thejavinuo Keditsu, '02; Tshering Choden, '03; Palden Dorjee, '03; Reuben Gergan, '03; Aaron Alter, '04; Na Na Jeon, '04; Saneya Judge, '04; Ritika Roy, '05; Shiraaz Lall, '05; Jeremiah Rao, '05; Tanvi Gupta, '05; Sharon Daniels, '05; Alexander Khathing, '05.

Former Staff: Mark & Dorothy Plater, Ginny Strom, Graham McMahon, Anita Paul, Sarah Revell, Nate Craft, Ann Waltner, Ember (Brosius) Verma.

Relatives of Alumni: B.E. Getter (parent of many Getter students); Eleanor Nicholson (grandmother of Nora Webber, '06); Mardi Clements (daughter of the late Glen Clements '36).

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