Dr Eleanor Nicholson

A communique to friends and supporters of Woodstock

Dear Friends of Woodstock,

This is just an update on the very beginnings of the new Board of Directors of Woodstock School.

As you probably know, the new constitution of the school, so ably and miraculously shepherded through all of the necessary bureaucratic channels by our continuing board member, Bhavenesh Kumari, is now registered. The new Constitution calls for two boards, a General Body what includes representatives of various constituencies and a smaller working board made up of individuals whose experience and expertise are of value to the forward direction of the school.

At the meeting of the "old" board April 26 and 27, the slate of proposed members to the new Board was elected and the officers were also elected. As the retiring board left the hill, the new members held a retreat to get to know each other and the school and to think about how an effective board of directors operates.

The new members, whose names follow, are terrific--engaged, interested and interesting. Their questions were penetrating and their enthusiasm evident. It was a wonderful two and a half days.

The four Board committees--finance, estates, education and governance-- are still in formation. They will be consolidated at the first full meeting of the Board on August 9 and 10, which will be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the General Body on August 11.

These are exciting times. With the inspired leadership of Dr Jonathan Long and the engagement and competence of this new board, we have the opportunity to continue to build, here in these magnificent mountains, one of the finest schools in the world.

It is my honour and privilege to serve as President of both the Board and the General Body, a charge I gladly and humbly accept.

I hope to keep our worldwide body of Woodstock fans informed as this new process evolves.

Thank you for your loyal support of Woodstock.

Eleanor Nicholson

President of the Board of Directors of Woodstock School and Teacher Training College

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