Staff housing

The school provides staff with housing on campus. We have over 100 staff houses spread over 300 acres of land that runs across 5 hills. Some staff houses are as old as the school (150 years) with their old-world charm (and problems!) and some are newly constructed modern apartments. They vary in size - from apartments with one-bedroom/ living room/ kitchen/ bathroom for single staff members to apartments/ cottages/ duplex houses with 2-3 bedrooms/ living-dining room/ kitchen/ bathroom/s for staff members with families. Houses are allotted to staff members based on their family size and, of course, what may be available at a given point of time. (Residence staff accommodation is generally in or near the residences, and apartments may be somewhat smaller than other housing.)

All staff homes are built on the hillside and surrounded by trees and hill-paths. They come with basic furniture (beds, writing tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressers, dining table with chairs, lounge chairs and tables for living room, floor mats for one room, room heating equipment - generally wood-burning stoves - water heaters/ geysers for the bathrooms and basic kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, bottle gas-run cooking stove (usually no oven) and water purifier.

Staff homes are equipped with cable TV, telephone and (generally) internet connections. Private internet connections are also available commercially, both fixed and mobile. The school pays for the telephone rental, and local calls made within Mussoorie are free; staff are charged for any out-station calls they make. There is excellent network of mobile phones available all over India, including Mussoorie; many staff members prefer to get their own mobile phone for personal use. The cable TV connection is also provided free of charge, and there is a range of programmes in English as well as Hindi and other Indian languages. There have been several recent infrastructural improvements - and they are ongoing. For example, we now have continuous water supply and electricity back-up in all staff homes. That might seem obvious, but it's not generally true in India, even in cities.

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