Staffing mix

In order to maintain the international character of the curriculum and the community, one half of Woodstock staff are Indian nationals, the other expatriate. Some of the expatriate staff come to the school under the sponsorship of a partner organization, the rest on school contract.


For school contract personnel, the duration of the initial contract is generally for a period of three academic years commencing on 1st August and ending on 31st July. Subject to the needs of the School, contracts may be offered and signed during the course of the academic year for up to six months less or more than the usual three-year duration, such that the end-date of the contract is 31st July. Contracts are renewed upon mutual agreement for subsequent terms of between one and five years.


Overseas staff must have an employment visa to work at Woodstock. This is a potentially lengthy process. Once you have your contract from the school, you will then need to wait for us to send you a "No Objection Certificate", which we obtain from the Indian government. This will take two - four weeks. Thereafter, allow four - six weeks from the time of application to when your visa is granted. Given the bureaucracy in the consulates and high commissions, you will need to be persistent in following up your application. We will give you detailed advice about visas, including requirements for a non-working spouse and for children, when needed. Please note that if your country of origin (i.e., place of birth or passport nationality) is Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or China, there is an additional step of obtaining security clearance, which will further add to the delay.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses from home to school are reimbursed upon joining and upon successful completion of service at the School for contracted staff members. Travel expenses are also paid for the staff member's financially dependent spouse permanently living with them and up to a maximum of two dependent children under 21 years of age. The cost of home travel is reimbursed once every eighteen months during the first three year contract and after every further two years of continuous full-time service.

Salary and benefits

Staff members are provided with a local salary and benefits, details of which can be obtained from the Human Resources Department (download a summary here). Salaries for contract staff are paid on a local scale at Woodstock, and are equivalent to a good Indian teacher's salary. While adequate for a comfortable lifestyle in India, the salary does not provide for big savings or out-of-country expenses. Salaries are not comparable to those offered by 'typical' international schools. Full tuition grants for up to two dependent children attending Woodstock School, per full-time staff member, are provided.


Woodstock is a busy place, with activities on every day of the week. For faculty, there is an expectation of involvement in activities in the evenings and at weekends, including Senior School study halls, clubs, hikes and sports. Teachers typically have five major classes in each eight day period. Reports to parents are written four times a year, and ongoing assessment and end of semester tests are a vital part of your teaching load. You will work hard at Woodstock, but it will generally be very satisfying work.


Each semester is approximately 20 weeks, with a quarter break in the middle (two working days added on to a weekend). Winter vacation for faculty and residence staff is approximately six weeks, with about four weeks in the summer. For support staff, it is somewhat less, a total of eight weeks in an academic year. The quarter break is long enough for local travel and hiking, and the longer breaks enable substantial travel in India and further afield.


Most staff are provided with housing on campus. The distance to and from school can be up to 20 minutes' walk (generally up of down hills). Some of the houses and apartments are newly built and modern, while others are much older. Allocation is made according to family and work requirements. Click here to read more about staff housing.


The school has a Health Centre on campus with trained and qualified nurses on duty round the clock and local doctors on call. The town of Mussoorie has reasonable medical facilities and most staff members and families visit the local Landour Community Hospital for minor ailments. There are very good medical facilities available in private and state-supported hospitals in Dehradun, 30 kms away from Mussoorie. Staff members are entitled to Medical reimbursements and Hospitalization Insurance benefits for treatment withing India.

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