Will you be a good fit at Woodstock?

Professional status

Woodstock offers an academically demanding College preparatory program to a multicultural group of students, aged 3-19 years. We therefore seek experienced teaching and residence faculty who have the ability to respond effectively to the needs of our students in a boarding situation. Applicants will ideally have worked overseas or in a cross-cultural setting. They will be able to contribute effectively as part of an international team, half of whom are Indian nationals, the rest being recruited mainly from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Applicants will be suitably qualified for the post applied for, holding at least a first-level degree and appropriate professional qualifications, including post-graduate teaching qualifications, teaching certification, counselling certification or other applicable degrees

Personal situation

Generally, our contract is for a three-year initial commitment, renewable for further contract durations of up to five years. Most staff members are employed on direct contracts; some are seconded by a partner organisation. We encourage singles or family applications, especially where both members of the couple are able to apply for vacant positions. We also welcome applications from people who have taken early retirement or are on sabbatical.

Woodstock is a very energetic community, and there will be the opportunity (and the expectation) to engage with students and colleagues in a variety of activities - service trips to villages and orphanages, hikes and outdoor expeditions, Christian clubs and retreats, music performances and talent shows.. "Busy" and "tired" are words you will often hear: it's not a retirement home! At the same time, you will have the chance to develop interests old and new with enthusiastic staff and students.

All applicants are expected to state their willingness to support the statements of philosophy and purpose expressed in the School's "Vision and Mission Statement" and to be comfortable with working within the framework of "Staff Standards and Expectations" and the school's "Religious Life Guidelines". (Click the links to view or download.)

Health and personal characteristics

Qualities of resilience, humour, flexibility, tolerance, determination and cultural sensitivity are amongst those that we are actively seeking in our recruitment process. Because of Woodstock's physical location, applicants will need to be physically fit and mobile, in good health, and aware of the personal and climatic implications of life at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Indian Himalaya. The campus extends some 800' vertically, so there is a lot of hill walking on a daily basis; if you have impaired mobility, you will find it difficult. The dampness of monsoons and the cold winters, linked with the altitude, can also create problems for people with conditions such as asthma, although we do have staff who manage such conditions effectively.

The 300-acre campus is located in a protected forest that lies on the outskirts of Mussoorie, a hill station in Uttarakhand. Although modern conveniences are increasingly available, the lifestyle is still rustic compared with that in a more urban area. The nearest cinema which shows English-language films is in Delhi, some 200 miles away, for example. Leisure travel is slow, and there are few Western-style shopping or entertainment areas within reach. Applicants should take these factors into consideration.

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