WOSA history

The origins of WOSA would be lost in the mists of time were it not for the Alumni Office’s set of “Quadrangle” magazines, which extend right back to the first issue in 1908. That first issue contained news of Old Students, though the formal title of “Woodstock Old Students Association” was not yet in use. Again in 1909, the report is just headed “Former Woodstock Girls” (at that time Woodstock was an all girls school). By 1910, there is a reference to “members of W.O.S.A.” “We now number one hundred and one members; yet we feel confident that our numbers might be considerably increased if we were only able to obtain more addresses”. (A continuing issue for our hard-worked database team today!)

The 1911 edition saw the first full list of members – around 120, taking up two pages of the magazine. It also announced the first ever WOSA reunion (at the school) – September 9th, 1911. By 1912 a WOSA motto appeared: “In Union is Strength”. This issue also carried a report of the second reunion:

“After an hour of social intercourse a short musical program was rendered by Misses Claxton, Stokes, Guise, Myers and Doyle. Mrs. Andrews then took the chair and, in a speech in which she extended a hearty welcome to the assembled guests, she dwells on the past of Woodstock; while, pointing to Mrs’ Scott’s portrait hanging on the wall in full view, she emphasised that the ideals and aims which Mrs. Scott had ever sought to realise in the character-building of years gone by were the very ideals and aims of Woodstock today”.

Woodstock Old Students Association now has active groups or informal gatherings in India, the USA, Europe, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Our latest edition of the annual “Quadrangle” (click here to view ) contains reports of over 60 classes, and is mailed to some 4,200 alumni.

To contact a WOSA chapter in your area, log onto the WOSA website at: www.wsalumni.org. If you are not already registered, it's easy to join.


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