Living on the Edge: Tales of Woodstock School

Various authors

This book of "anecdotal history" about Woodstock, written by former students and staff, was published in September 2003 as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Woodstock. Letters and emails have come streaming in from readers all over the world of which the following are just a small sample.

Charlotte Gould (author of "Gandhi's Lap" and winner of the Washington Prize for Poetry) writes: '. . . I'm savoring each entry and love the chorus of individual voices. . . A treasure-trove of vivid memories that any Woodstock student will instantly identify with.

'I like the way you've sorted and broken up the entries . . . by subject matter, not individual voice. Doug Pickett's introduction is excellent. So are the drawings by Shalini Prakash Agarwal '72, and the cover painting by Vera Frances. The title is great! So is the text.

'. . . Telling it like it was -- you've done that for me, confirming memories and sharing the laughter, heartache, camaraderie, loneliness and mystery of growing up in that part of the world.'

Dr. Everett Woodman (father of Betsy Woodman '63, formerly with Ford Foundation and that US Information Agency in India, and past president of the American Association of Junior Colleges) says: '. . . It's truly a classic of its kind. . . Wow -- to sort out 297 contributions, get them in order and . . . an index too!! . . . It is a gem. Shabash.

'It doesn't matter what page I pick up at -- everything fascinates me. Who could miss the great sense of loyalty welling up between the covers with the spectacular vista on the front. Woodstock will profit from your effort. . . '

Abby Shaw (Spouse of John Shaw '49) writes: '. . . John is having the greatest experience reading the new book. It has brought back so many memories to him that were long gone. The really special thing is that he feels he can now better explain his Woodstock experience to his son and daughter, as well as to me.'

All the income from sales of the book is designated for the writing program at Woodstock School in a fund named in honor of Sally Stoddard, former Woodstock staff and editor in chief of the book.

$24 including packing and shipping outside of India, or Rs. 1000 including packing and shipping within India. Also available from

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