Lives Entwined: Our Himalayan Roots

Various authors

Published in 2002, Lives Entwined: Our Himalayan Roots is a compilation of contributions from 43 Woodstock alumni from the classes of the 30s through the 80s. They have written about the impact Woodstock School has had on their lives and how it still influences them. The following are quotes from a few of the contributors:

"I left Woodstock with a strong sense of integrity, fairness, respect for others and global and regional awareness." T.Z. Chu, Class of '52.

"I came to understand the ways that cultural diversity can enrich a community, the importance of valuing and celebrating that diversity, and the need to be continuously mindful of its fragility." Kiran Cunningham, Class of '79

"Woodstock helped in creating the foundation for me to become not just a responsible member of society, but a truly global citizen." Sumit Basu, Class of '88

$6 + $5 for packing and shipping outside of India, or Rs. 250 + Rs. 100 for packing and shipping within India. Lives Entwined is also available in the US from KW International (

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