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The outdoor environment and Himalayan setting of Woodstock School ensures that the students constantly remain active and fit. Nevertheless, the school's department of Physical Education (PE) has been designed to offer opportunities to students of all levels to participate in sports, fitness and outdoor activities.

PE, OE and Health are taught as a class to students from K-10. The courses are designed to use sports as the principal medium to help develop the self-esteem of each student. Other aims are to prepare students to be responsible for their continued physical fitness and to develop skills that will be valuable in the positive use of leisure time.

The School is divided into three houses: Condors, Eagles, and Merlins. Inter-house competitions are held on a regular basis in a variety of sports. Woodstock also competes with other school teams in Mussoorie, Dehradun, Punjab, New Delhi, and beyond in inter-school competitions.

The PE department centres around Woodstock's impressive new sports facility, the Win Mumby Gymnasium, which was opened for use in September 2009. Since then, the gym has become an integral part of the daily life of Woodstock students and staff. It boasts world-class facilities that mark it as one of the finest school gymnasia in all of the country.


Mr. Ajay Mark, HOD

Ajay Mark, Head of PE, has a Masters in Physical Education from the Laxmi Bai National College of Physical Education in Gwalior. He has taught PE and coached sports at Woodstock School since 1981. He was appointed Head of the Department in July 1986. His achievements include being the fastest short distance runner in Mussoorie during his High School years. He held the Mussoorie Inter School record in long jump, and he represented Wynberg Allen School in soccer, cricket, athletics, hockey, cross country, table tennis, tennis, swimming, and badminton. He went on to represent Lucknow University in soccer and Guru Nanak University in Table Tennis and Tennis. He held the Asian record for long distance roller skating after having roller skated from Mussoorie to Amritsar. His interests are photography, visiting wild life parks, rafting, and traveling. Apart from teaching PE classes, his responsibilities include managing the PE department, supervision of sports facilities especially a world class multi-purpose gymnasium, coaching several Woodstock sports teams, and organising inter-house and inter-school tournaments. He has been the organizer for the Win Mumby Basketball Tournaments since they were started in 1999. He has also coached the senior boys' basketball teams which participate in this tournament. His teams has been champions six times, besides also winning the prestigious Afzal Khan Tournament run by the Doon School, and many other local tournaments. Ajay has been the Homeroom teacher for 3 graduating classes at Woodstock School, and has found great professional satisfaction in working at Woodstock because of his students and colleagues.

Mr. Steve Luukonnen

I am one of the Physical Education teachers here at Woodstock School. I teach the wee little ones (1st graders) all the way up to those cool teen wonder years (10th grade). I absolutely love it here at Woodstock, especially since the completed construction of the Win Mumby Gym which offers everything from a 25ft. climbing wall to a squash court. I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA and just recently graduated (Spring '09) from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a degree in Physical Education. This is my first teaching job and could not imagine a more perfect and active position. I absolutely LOVE hiking/being outdoors, having been on 20+ hikes already since moving here. However, my TRUE passion in life is running; I have completed 5 marathons, 1 half marathon, and over 15 5k's back in the States and look to turn international with a Finland marathon this July. I have coached tennis for the past nine years and have been playing since I was 7. My favourite quote that I live by is "live what you teach". I am a true believer in goal setting; it keeps you motivated and on your toes.

Ms. Shannon Schultz

Shannon has joined this department this year. She has a bachelor of Science with a Major in Physical Education and a Minor in Health Education. She brings with her a certification to teach Physical Education from Early Childhood to Adolescence and Health Education in the same student range.

Mrs Sonal Sharma

Sonal joins Woodstock this year with her husband, Dr JC Sharma, teaching in the Science department and her two daughters studying in Junior school. Sonal has a B.Sc. in Botany, a Bachelor in Education, a Masters also in Education as well as a Masters in Public Administration. Welcome to the entire Sharma family.

Mr. Mahinder Kumar, Martial Arts Expert and Fitness Room Supervisor

Senior School Course Descriptions

  • Grade 7
    1. The course components for Grade 7 will include Physical Education, Health Education and Outdoor Education. The total approximate teaching time for this course is 90 hours. Physical education will be covered in about 30 hours per semester, Health Education will be taught for about 20 hours in the Fall Semester while the Outdoor Education will be covered through 12 hours in the Fall Semester and 6 hours in the Spring Semester.
  • Grade 8
    1. The course components for Grade 8 will include Physical Education, Health Education and Outdoor Education. The total approximate teaching time for this course is 90 hours. During the Fall Semester, students in Grade 8 will have 20 hours of Health and 20 hours of Physical Education; during the Spring semesters they will have 52 hours of Physical Education and 8 hours of Outdoor Education. Physical Education will cover skills and knowledge required to play badminton, soccer, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and hockey. Physical fitness of the students will be encouraged by having them participate in various fitness routines in the fitness room, engaging them in gymnastics and on the Climbing Wall. Students will also learn at least two outdoor games that are indigenous to a particular country.
  • Grade 9
    1. The overall goal of the Physical Education Programme for Grade 9 is to encourage students' organic, neuromuscular, emotional, social and mental development. The curriculum offers a wide variety of activities aimed at incorporating both skill and fitness development. Activities are designed to develop strength coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. In addition to developing large muscle groups in activities such as basketball, soccer and those carried out in the fitness room, the student will develop their fine motor skills in activities like badminton and table tennis. This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improve personal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention.
  • Grade 10
    1. During Grade 10, students engage in all of the three areas of the department as follows: Fall Semester: Health - 10 lessons, Badminton/TT - 7 lessons, Fitness - 7 lessons, Outdoor Education - 6 lessons. Spring Semester: Basketball - 8 lessons, fitness - 8 lessons, Outdoor Education - 8 lessons, International Games/Climbing Wall - 6 lessons.
  • Grade 11 & 12: Physical Education/Outdoor Education
    1. Students in grades 10 and 11 will receive course selection grids to sign up for the next school year. On the grid they will be allowed to select either "PE Activity" or "Outdoor Ed. Activity" but this will not indicate the scheduled time for the activity. The PE and Outdoor Ed. Activity leaders will meet with the students who have signed up for each of the activities and formulate a plan for the activity of each student. It is also possible to participate in a mix of PE and Outdoor Education by arrangement with the staff.

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