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The Woodstock School Registrar is responsible for creating and issuing a variety of documents which a student and his or her parents need both to follow the student's educational progress during attendance at Woodstock and to provide evidence to outside institutions of the student's school tenure and achievements. Woodstock provides these documents when necessary and without additional charge except for postal or courier delivery charges. Documents include:

During active attendance at Woodstock

  • Grades report
  • Residence report
  • Net Classroom report
  • IGCSE certificate
  • School certificate

As students leave Woodstock

  • Transcript
  • Indian mark sheet(s)
  • Migration certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Diploma
  • Pass certificate
  • Transfer certificate

For Woodstock alumni

  • Transcript
  • Replacing a lost document

The most frequent document requested by alumni is the transcript. This is the one important student document where Woodstock maintains the original and issues certified copies, often many years after the student attended or graduated. Woodstock provides this service to alumni without charge when needed and requested. E-mail requests to the Registrar. Since many western institutions require the transcript to come directly from Woodstock without passing through the student's hands, be sure to know if this is true and provide the recipient's mailing address if it is. During school sessions a transcript can be prepared within a few days depending on how deeply we have to dig to find your student record. If requested during school vacations, the process may take a month or more, so plan ahead. Grades reports and residence reports are only maintained for a few years after a student leaves Woodstock. Replacement of the various documents where the student has possession of the original is always difficult and sometimes impossible. Contact the Registrar with an explanation of your needs.

Ajay Negi, Registrar

Ajay has completed his Bachelor's of Commerce and currently pursuing his Post Graduate Diploma in HRM. Before moving to Woodstock in 2007 He was worked with the National Hydro Power Corporation. Woodstock had always interested him and that is the reason why he is now here. He considers Woodstock home. This is his fifth year at Woodstock and has enjoyed every moment of these five years. Before moving to the Registrar's position, Ajay was working as an Administrative Assistant to the Head of Senior School. Ajay has a deep interest in playing sports like Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis. He has been coaching the interschool table tennis team for the last four years. Ajay brings experience to this coaching role having played North Zone Table Tennis at University Level

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