Personal counselling

Personal counselling is available to all students. Trained and experienced counsellors are available to spend time with students helping them think through and dealwith a varity of issues in their lives, from family and interpersonal relationships to unhealthy behaviours. The counselling team also takes the lead on dealing with occasional incidents of bullying.

Click here for a copy of the school's statement to students on bullying.


Ms. Preeti Rajendran

I am from India; my father is from Tamil Nadu in the South and my mother is from Uttar Pradesh in the North. I was born in Papua New Guinea as my parents worked on a ship that traveled all over the world. I have lived and studied in Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New York and Chicago. I have a B.A in Psychology and Master's in Clinical Psychology. I came to Woodstock to visit some friends and ended up staying. I have been at Woodstock for the last four years and have enjoyed living and working with a multicultural community as the Senior School girls Dorm Supervisor and Counselor with the added beauty of being surrounded by the Himalayas. From July 2010 I will be working as the full-time personal counsellor in Senior School.



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