Junior School faculty

Head of Junior School

Sanjaya Sarah Mark, Grade 3 Language Arts

Mrs. Mark, BA (Hons.), BS, CISL. An Indian, Sanjaya is Head of Junior School, and has twelve years' experience as a school head. She went to school at Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong which has a lot in common with Woodstock. She graduated with honors in English Literature from St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling. Sanjaya played basketball for her college and won the best actress award at the Orchid Drama Competition for Colleges in the Darjeeling district in 1979. After that Sanjaya specialised in K-8 education at Bethel College, Kansas and later completed the Essential Skills Programme at the Principal's Training Center for International School Leadership in London. Sanjaya was the first recipient from Woodstock of the Winterline Award for Excellence in Education.

Her hobbies include: travelling, visiting wildlife parks, reading, cooking, walking and hiking (she did a basic mountaineering course from NIM, Uttarkashi) and meeting old and new friends. Most of all, Sanjaya enjoys being involved in the overall development of students in Junior School and encouraging them to become good learners and responsible citizens.

Teaching faculty

Ms. Shubhra Luukkonen, Grades 1 & 2

Ms. Chundawat is from India, and has a B.Ed. in elementary education and a Masters in Sociology. Her professional experience includes teaching in the Preprimary level at Daly College, India and the Elementary Early Childhood Program at Woodstock School. Hobbies include caricature drawing and squash.

Ms. Soneyaa Kumar, ECP & KG, Hindi as a Foreign Language for grades 5 & 6

Soneyaa Kumar is a graduate of the Punjab University, India, in Language Arts and Sociology. She did her Diploma in Child Education with Psychology and the B.Ed course for teachers. She has seventeen years of teaching experience through Kindergarten to Middle School. She has conducted workshops on Critical Thinking across schools and teacher colleges in India. Her interests are painting, outdoor sports and storytelling. Soneyaa is Indian.

Ms. Sue Rollins, Grade 4

I was born in Mussoorie and spent my first couple years tottering around these hills. The next ten were spent in the heart of Chicago. We returned to India when I was in 7th grade and I spent a fabulous 6 years at Woodstock learning to love the people and the hills around. Returned to the states and got my teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I got married right out of college to Jeff Rollins. Spent the first 1 ˝ of marriage in southern Kansas learning to enjoy the flat land. Then we headed for Nepal where I spent 15 lovely years as a wife and mom. . During this time I got my Colorado State teaching licence and began to think about getting back into teaching as a profession. . I had a fabulous two years teaching transition to children going overseas at Missionary Training International just north of Colorado Springs. We then returned to India to teach at Woodstock with our youngest son in 2003 and have enjoyed a fabulous 9 years of teaching.. My hobbies are: hiking and enjoying the flora and fauna of the hills, exploring the jungles of Chilla near Haridwar, sewing and cooking, motorbike rides into the hills with my hubby, and writing children's stories!

Mr. Mark Vignali, Grade 5

Mark Vignali has a BA from Harvard, where he played football for the varsity, and an MA from the University of Colorado (educational psychology). He lived in NYC for 12 years, where he taught and studied acting & theater, and wrote. He has been an actor's EQUITY member since 1988. He met his wife Elizabeth there while working for International Creative Management - a talent agency. His son Zack was born there. The family then moved to Boulder, Colorado, where Izaiah was born. The family lived there for 12 years. Mark studied for his MA, obtained his teaching license, and began classroom teaching in1998. He also MC'd a performance poetry group that played out every week, and directed theater professionally. He loves family, being out in nature, creative projects, kids. He feels blessed to be in India with such good people.

Mrs Pam Wiggins, Grade 5

Pam comes to Woodstock from Australia and has taught in several Australian states and has over 16 years teaching experience. For the past 11 years she has been living with her family in Adelaide, South Australia where she taught at Pedare Christian College, teaching grades 3-6 as well as being subject coordinator for both Mathematics and Christian studies. She majored in Mathematics in her Diploma off Education (Griffith University, Brisbane) and has also completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies through Tabor College (Adelaide). Pam enjoys music, singing and has been keenly involved in local church activities.She has moved to Woodstock with her husband, Craig and youngest son Michael (Grade 10) while her other two children Tim (age 18-studying at Adelaide University) and Christen (aged 21-working) have remained in Adelaide.

Mr. Ian Whiteman, Grade 6

Born and raised in Australia, Ian brings over 30 years experience as a teacher and administrator. In his Diploma of Education (Newcastle University, Australia) he majored in Social Science for Secondary School, then obtained a B.Ed. (Armidale University, Australia) in Local History. He taught at numerous schools and held the position of Principal at three of these. He was a Maths Curriculum Advisor for the state and is highly involved with Environmental Education receiving an award for Environmental Education Excellence from the Australian government and is motivated and experienced in the teaching of Gifted and Talented children. He tutored Year 11 and 12 students in English, Maths and Environmental Education. A keen surfer and environmentalist he moved his family – wife, Neva (working in Woodstock’s Communication Department) – daughter, Yuli (Year 11) and son, Mateo (Year 7) – to Mussoorie in July 2010.

Ms. Kimberly Ferguson, Grade 6

"I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and thus spent most of my childhood running under sprinklers to keep cool and playing versions of cricket on our street, in someone's backyard or at the beach. I know I had a great childhood, and want to help others have the same experience, so after earning a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology, I chose to continue on at University and get a Bachelor of Education, enabling me to teach at both the primary and secondary levels. I am now in my third year of teaching and I know I have chosen the best career path out there, because for me, teaching combines the love of knowledge and wonderment about the world with a belief that humanity can do far better at how we interact with each other and with our planet. My challenge this year is to get every one of my students loving Social Studies with every fibre in their bodies! Then, we shall be a little further along the path of making our world a better place to live in."

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