tree planting

Responsible stewardship: junior students plant trees

Extend our Roots

Inclusive Christian tradition

  1. Welcome and value the diversity of faith and practice within our community, while recognising a unique place for the Christian faith in the school's life.
  2. Implement and continually reflect upon the Religious Life Policy as a model of conduct.
  3. Ensure that our shared values are embodied in planning and decision-making through the Statement of Guiding Principles.

Alumni community

  1. Enlarge the pool of alumni who are engaged with the school, with one another and with related organisations.
  2. Build affiliation through communications and alumni services.
  3. Enable alumni to nurture, support, challenge, and inspire the community through their example, through interaction with students and through the contribution of ideas, services and finance.

India and the Himalayan Environment

  1. Give back to India by (i) engaging with key networks and contributing to educational, cultural and environmental leadership; (ii) improving the quality of grass-roots education in our locality by training teachers; (iii) working towards the establishment of a Teacher Training Initiative which will position Woodstock as a leader in education in India and beyond; (iv) supporting families in "nation-building" occupations by providing financial aid for eligible children to attend Woodstock School.
  2. Begin "at home" by expanding the educational opportunities for the families of Woodstock employees.
  3. Live in harmony with the Himalayan environment through sound stewardship, responsible practices and a commitment to sustainability; promote and encourage these principles in our locality.

Action Plan

This action plan has not yet been written. Please note that action plans are dynamic, and will change and develop as we achieve certain goals or devise better approaches. Some action plans are still in draft form.

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