2020 Vision is about life and growth

2020 Vision: People. Passion. Potential.

Woodstock School has been an important part of India for nearly 160 years. In that time we have made great contributions to India and the world. 2020 Vision takes that forward into the next generation.

The Making of 2020 Vision

Almost 1100 people contributed in some way, whether by serving on a task group, writing proposals, commenting on the planning blog, or completing an online survey. (Click here to see who helped and how.) 2020 Vision is probably the most widely-canvassed and collaborative strategic plan in Woodstock's history. Nevertheless, it is not a disparate collection of preferences, a "lowest common denominator" of planning; it has a clear vision, a central thrust within which many exciting ideas have found fertile soil. As we drew towards the end of the process, the title for the plan became very clear from all our discussions: it celebrates the potential of passionate people to make a difference in the world.


Students, parents,staff, employees, alumni - Woodstock is more than anything about people. 2020 Vision makes that explicit, and shows how the worldwide community will play a part in our future. And it unites us around a vision of growth, of lifelong learning and engagement, through shared principles and desired learning objectives. Not "Desired Student Objectives" alone, because, in a learning community, all must be learners.


Woodstock people are passionate. They care about the school, about what it can mean in the world. They develop lifelong attachments from sometimes minimal involvement. In the words of the MSA accreditation team, who spent five days here in April 2011, "a taste of Woodstock lasts a lifetime". 2020 Vision engages the passions of all our community in striving to leave Woodstock and the world better than when we found it.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery, whose quotation from The Little Prince opens the principals' introduction to the Strategic Plan, once wrote, "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." There is such an immensity in the future of the world, and we want to walk forward into it and immerse ourselves in its untapped potential.

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